Weight Loss

Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

We offer weight loss programs to meet the individual needs of each patient. Each program is doctor supervised and you meet with an experienced diet coach to guide you and ensure success. We realize effective weight loss involves three (3) important steps: stop gaining weight, lose weight and keep it off. Our individualized approach (not group sessions) has shown to be highly successful in helping each patient achieve their weight loss goals.


Our Individualized Weight Loss program is based on the book Why You Can’t Lose Weight, by Pamela Smith, MD, MPH. If you have had difficultly with you weight and been unsuccessful in loosing weight or keeping it off this program may be the answer you have been looking for.

This is a medically based weight loss program that will examine the most common reasons why people can’t lose weight as they relate specifically to you. As you are individually assessed, we will guide you in overcoming the obstacles that stand between you and a slimmer, trimmer and healthier body.

As part of our evaluation, we will examine major categories related to weight issues and how they relate specifically to you:

  • Area 1: Lifestyle Practices: exercise, fiber intake, food addictions, sleep deprivation, stress and water intake.
  • Area 2: Health Problems: food Allergies, chronic inflammation, thyroid hormone dysfunction, toxic build-up, and yeast infection.
  • Area 3: Biochemical Factors: depression, female hormone imbalance, genetics, insulin resistance, male hormone deficiency, neurotransmitter dysfunction and pregnenolone insufficiency.

Once these above areas are evaluated, we will then provide specific recommendations for improvement to help you achieve your weight loss goals. How often you meet will depend upon your individual obstacles and needs identified in each of the above areas. Initially, you will probably meet 3-4 times a month until you reach your weight loss goal and then maintenance visits to help you stabilize your weight.

A variety of assessment and treatment tools and methods will be utilized. Assessment will include questionnaires, lab work including serum (blood), urine and saliva. Treatment recommendations will relate specifically to you based on your individualized assessments. These treatment recommendations will include specific lifestyle, nutritional , dietary, supplement and hormone replacement therapy recommendations.

This program may be used separately or inconjuction with our HCG Weight Loss Program. Since this is not a one size fits all standard diet program, the cost will be dependent upon the time spent with Dr. Fred Arnold, NMD or Jodi Arnold (Diet & Lifestyle Coach). We will work closely with each patient to help them reach their ideal weight and stop the “yo-yo diet” problems so many people experience.

We welcome your questions and the opportunity to help you reach your weight loss and health goals.

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The Fat Burner Shot is a specialized shot to promote weight loss offered by our office. It is referred to as Lipotropic because it promotes fat burning and weight loss.

  • Methyl B12 1mg/ml
  • Methionine 12.5mg/ml
  • Inositol 25mg/ml
  • Choline 25mg/ml
  • Lidocaine 10mg/ml
  • Benzyl Alcohol 10mg/ml
  • Ascorbic Acid 50mg/ml
  • B1 50mg/ml
  • B2-5-PO4 5mg/ml
  • B3 50mg/ml
  • B5 (Dexpanthenol) 5mg/ml
  • B6 5mg/ml
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