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Dear Dr. Arnold, thank you for giving me my like back and most importantly, listening to me!!!
Most Sincerely,
Kristen, age 48

I just wanted to check in and let Dr. Fred know how my shoulder is doing. I'm soaking wet, fresh out of the pool after swimming 50 lengths. I can't even tell that I did anything to that shoulder. All my range of motion is back to normal and pain-free with the exception of internal rotation, which is at about 75 degrees and still improving. I'm so happy I chose to try prolotherapy... Thank you so much, Dr. Fred!
Liz, age 59

General Practitioners barely scrape the service. If you feel you are in pain and/or your hormones are out of balance and/or low. It may not be what you or your GP thinks it is. Dr. Arnold can you find the root cause of your low motivation, memory loss, knee pain, etc., I went to Dr. Arnold who was recommended by my mother. Her knees hurt b/c she has thyroid and food allergies. Dr. Arnold was able to help her. She can walk better, stand longer and not fall asleep due to her conditions. My GP stated my T was low, but Dr. Arnold changed by health and life finding that my vitamin D was low and hormone Progesterone was low and not necessarily my T. He can do the same for you by measuring all your hormones. He will spend time with you to help you understand. Dr. Arnold can help you live life the way it should be as he did with my mother and me. Don’t put it off, make an appointment with Dr. Arnold so you can live healthier and better.
Michael, age 43

I want to thank Dr. Arnold for the care he has given me on my knees. He is such a kind and compassionate person. I had surgery on one of my knees and they removed 2/3 of the meniscus. It was better but not great. My brother had had prolotherapy on his knee and kept encouraging me to try it. His Dr. referred me to Dr. Arnold who is in Scottsdale, AZ where we go for the winters. I was starting to have some problems with my other knee and decided to give it a try. After talking with Dr. Arnold about the difference between prolotherapy and PRP I choose to do the PRP due to the time I was in AZ each year. I had 3 injections the 1st year and one the 2nd year. I can’t say enough about how great my knees feel. They are like new! Thank you again.
Joan, age 71

Dearest Doc & Jody,
I wanted to share with you that I appreciate your caring for Tom, Myself, My Family & Our Clientele. I feel amazing. You & Jodi have Beautiful Souls. Our World needs more Souls like you. You both deserve a Happy & Peaceful Life.
Gratefully yours,
Jeanette, age 52

Dear Dr. Arnold,
Just writing to let you know that the prolo shot worked wonders. About 8 days after the shot (to the shoulder), pain was gone and I was able to work at the zipline in Yellowstone all summer. This involved repeated over the head movements as I was putting people on the zipline. I have recommended you to several people who winter in Arizona and am hopeful that they will follow through. Most of all I am appreciative of the time you spent with me and the way you treat your clients. Much different than all the rest of the doctors I have been to. Thanks again for the help.
Best regards,
Phil, age 67

In September 2013, I experienced severe pain in my left hip radiating into my lower back and down to my knee. I was incapacitated with a lot of pain and forced to lie on my back or side most of the time. The pain inflamed whenever I tried to walk or just sit down. During the time, I was unable to work and Dr. Arnold began prolotherapy and ozone treatments to the affected painful areas of my body. Due to these treatments, I was able to go back to work. Thanks to Dr. Arnold, I am pain free and able to function normally.
Thank you Dr. Arnold.
Peter M., age 60

Dr. Fred Arnold has given my life back to me. Due to several car accidents and the whiplash I incurred due to them, several of my vertebrae were in terrible shape. They started pinching the nerves going down my arms. The nerves became especially agonizing when I was in the prone position. I would wake up multiple times each night with pain shooting down my arms. The sleepless nights lead to terrible, groggy days. I was at my wits end until I discovered Dr. Arnold and prolotherapy. I don’t know what I would have done without him and the knowledge he has of prolotherapy.
Thank you Dr. Arnold. You are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Patricia, age 56yo

Dear Dr. Arnold
Thank you. Thank you for giving me my children back. You were the first Dr. that they seen who has worked with hyper-mobility before. To my kids, that meant someone who finally understands. Joe is so happy & excited about life. I will soon need a night job to pay for all the food he is eating. He is so HAPPY! Thank you for so many years of your dedication toward health and for your great knowledge. May you and your family be blessed for your service that you give to others.
S, “The” Mom

I was extremely pleased with the care and treatment I’ve had with Dr. Arnold. I was treated for chronic low back pain and pain in both knees. I have had a few treatments in both areas and have had very favorable results. My back is stronger and doesn’t go out of place as easily anymore and the pain in my knees is gone and my range of motion is back to normal.

Dr. Arnold was very thorough in his treatment and has a very gently hand. It was not a painful procedure, much less than I expected. Dr. Arnold is a very caring doctor and took the time to listen. I thought he went the extra mile and I was happy for that.
Diane, age 58

My name is Greg and I am a patient of Dr. Fred Arnold who is an expert in prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is not a pain management therapy. On the contrary, it is a pain rehabilitation therapy. I came to him because traditional doctors treated my pain with opiates. The opiates would did well for pain management but they almost killed me. Having broken by neck and back in a car accident, I was in constant and severe pain. I made the choice to seek alternatives to narcotics. What I did was prolotherapy. Prolotherapy has alleviated 75% of my pain after seven treatments and the pain has not come back. This therapy is not addictive. A neurosurgeon told me my back and neck would never get any better. With traditional treatments of narcotics it didn’t get better. Acupuncture did not work and physical therapy did not work. With prolotherapy, I am almost pain free and with no side effects. I enthusiastically endorse this therapy for chronic pain.
Greg, age 62

I was treated by Dr. Arnold with prolotherapy and neural therapy for leg and lower back pain. After just the first neural therapy, I noticed a significant decrease in pain and by just the second treatment my leg pain was about 70% better and back about 50% better. I have had leg and back pain for about 15 years and this is the best I have ever felt.
Steve, age 34

I walked in to Dr. Arnold having had pain for three years that none of the many specialists I had seen could explain or treat. My physical therapist had a theory that it might have been a large scar at the base of my spine causing some of the hip and back pain. Using neural therapy, Dr. Arnold treated my scar and immediately 40% of the hip pain I had suffered from was gone. The second time I saw Dr. Arnold, I came in limping like an arthritic woman three times my age. After the treatment, I walked out as if the limping were just a dream. I am amazed and so exceedingly grateful that Dr. Arnold could do what no other doctor thought of, and I no longer have to fear this terrible pain because I finally found some answers.
Sara, age 28

I came in for my first prolotherapy treatment 6 weeks ago and my pain level at that time was consistently a 6-8 on a scale of ten. Today I have little to no pain in my back or shoulder. I feel that the treatments I received from Dr. Arnold were extremely beneficial in my recovery.
Keaton, age 28

I’d never heard of prolotherapy and I am amazed at the results after just one treatment. Dr. Arnold is a very knowledgeable physician and I recommend his services to anyone with chronic pain.
Alivia, age 20

The pain in my elbow was almost unbearable. After Dr. Arnold injected by elbow the pain disappeared. He also did scar therapy and my 2 scars look 100% better.
Nick, age 24

I came to see Dr. Arnold for a consultation and before I knew it I was getting poked with needles. I am scared of needles. All in all, it’s not that bad. I was having problems with both knees and my right shoulder from many injuries over the years. I had 6 treatments on my knees. They have stopped buckling and giving out. It’s nice to be able to walk without ending up flat on my face. On my shoulder, I have regained about 80% of my strength which I was told would never get back. Even with surgery, they were saying I would loose strength. Prolotherapy is a great alternative to the 3 surgeries I would have had and it is almost noninvasive.
Noe, age 34

I originally hurt my back doing yoga 7 years ago and I have suffered with pain in back and left leg for the ever since. After starting prolotherapy, I began to notice less pain in my back and leg with a feeling of improved strength and stability in my back. I do not like needles but the treatment is not as bad as I thought it would be. After 6 treatments I am now able to perform all my regular activities and walk without the deep pain in my left buttock that I was experiencing before. I would recommend prolotherapy for anyone with unresolved pain.
Jodi, age 52