Bio-Identical Hormones

Bio-Identical Hormones

Small RhombusEase the symptoms of Menopause in women and Andropause in men and restore your natural balance with hormone replacement therapy.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement for Men

What is Andropause?
By the time the average male moves into his mid-forties, testosterone levels are down about 40% from peak levels and the deficit is beginning to impact energy, brain power and sex drive. This decline in hormone levels, analogous to menopause in women, is a relatively new term called Andropause.

As normal aging puts the brakes on hormone production, this decline can be more significant in some men than others. Regretfully, research studies since 1945 have shown a steady decline in testosterone levels for males 45 – 80 with a lower starting level earlier in life and lower levels of testosterone as the male ages.

What are common complaints of testosterone and hormone deficiency in a male?

  • fatigue
  • tiredness
  • low sex drive
  • poor memory
  • depression
  • moodiness
  • brittle bones
  • sadness
  • loss of muscle mass and strength
  • erectile dysfunction (ED)
  • increased blood sugar levels
  • abdominal obesity
  • low self-esteem

Testosterone hormone replacement is a safe and effective in men and improves all the above common complaints including abdominal obesity, Alzheimer’s, angina and heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, pain of osteo and rheumatoid arthritis, inflammation, and quality of life. According to numerous research articles “there is not now—nor has there ever been a scientific basis for the belief that testosterone causes prostate cancer to grow.

How is testosterone and hormone deficiency determined and treated in a male?
Hormone testing normally involves a combination blood and saliva testing to identify Andropause as well as hidden imbalances and/or related deficiencies. The hormone levels that are reduced can then treated with hormone replacement therapy to raise them to more youthful levels present in a healthy functioning male in their twenties. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT), if used properly, is an effective way to help men deal with the difficult symptoms of Andropause.

As a Diplomate with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Fred Arnold specializes in hormone replacement therapy for men. Based upon the test results, Dr. Fred Arnold will develop a specialized treatment plan to restore hormonal balance based on patient history, examination and laboratory testing. Replacement hormones are made by a compounding pharmacy.