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Weight Loss Testimonials

HCG Weight Loss

My wife and I did the program together. We were very pleased with the results on our 11 week program. Jodi was our coach and mentor. Excellent, great mentor and coach, understanding, educational would be the words that best describes her during the process. We are a retired couple in our 60’s and each had put on 40 pounds due to poor eating habits. We feel we will not only continue the rest of our life without the pounds, but will change our eating habits going forward. We would recommend the program.
James, 63

I love this program. You don’t exercise and seeing the results every week are very encouraging. I, like many others, have tried EVERY diet in the world; usually with some success, usually with some regain plus extra. The HCG Metabolic Weight Loss system is really easy. It SOUNDS hard. I mean 500 calories, who would’ve thought I could do it. But I did and I look and feel better than ever. My diabetes and blood sugars are under control. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to get their health under control. Jodi really cares about her patients and making sure they’re eating correctly. She also has a lot of ideas to help the program work for the individual, because everyone is different. It is truly a marvel at how this system works.
Kristie, 44

The staff could not have been more supportative of us in this effort. Friendly and professional, they were always standing by to answer even the smallest of questions and to provide moral support during those few times when things didn’t seem to be going the way they should. My thanks to all of them, with a special tip of the hat to Jodi who coached us throughout.
Harvel, 67

I am thrilled with the opportunity to share my experience with the HCG diet. I have had chronic weight problems for 20 years, and because of that, have tried every diet available on the market with minimal, if any, results. I was very skeptical of the HCG diet as a result of my past failures, but can attest to the fact that I achieved by goal weight (20 lbs) and inches (10total) predictably with this diet, and program. While on the diet, I felt healthy, had increased energy, and slept better than I had in ages. Jodi’s invaluable knowledge and expertise contributed to making the diet easy, but most importantly helped me to make long lasting lifestyle changes that will further help me maintain the weight and inches lost, while improving my overall health as well.
Donna, 53

My experience with Jodi has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I have tried other weight loss methods to no avail. I have tried Weight Watchers, Body for Life, An Jillian, Boot camps and on and on. At most I would lose 5 pounds. My husband would lose maybe 10 pounds. This approach was completely different. I feel it has changed by life and I have dropped from a size 14 back down to an 8 even though the weight loss was just 20 pounds. My husband did not do the entire program, but just based on my new diet, he lost over 25 pounds. We could not be happier and I plan to come in again after the new year to take just a few more pounds off and now that I know I can do it. And if I can do it, anyone can!
Sherri, 55

I firmly believe that I would not have been as successful at adhering to the protocol had it not been for the advice and coaching from Jodi. She was readily available to answer phone calls and questions, and was an outstanding motivator each time at our weekly appointment. She knows what works, and what doesn’t and is a wonderful advocate for the program. The manual is very helpful and serves as a very beneficial guide for anyone on the diet. I would strongly suggest reading it prior to making the commitment to get started and determine if it’s right for you. This diet may not be for everyone, all I can say is that it has worked thus far for me… Jodi, Thanks for being an excellent coach! Couldn’t have done it without your support.
Nancy, 58

I was pleased with my expected weight loss of 24 lbs., but I was especially surprised at my unexpected success of losing 15 inches, and reducing my BMI by 3.6 and fat % by 5.9%.
Diane, 51